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Asset Owner Investment Vehicles - Sector in Brief

From Laggards to Leaders? Hedge Funds Slowly Embrace ESG

ESG Asset Owner Survey: How Are Investors Changing?

Low Vol Troubles Highlight Active Manager Approaches

Investor Spotlight: Nordic and Dutch Investors Drive Impact Innovations

Renewable Energy Infrastructure: Lessons from Manager Selection

Trade Finance - Sector in Brief

Chinese Bonds - Sector in Brief

Manager Intelligence and Market Trends - February 2021

Investor Spotlight: Cashflow-generating Alternatives Change the Game at Korea’s POBA

Digging into Diversity Part 1: Infrastructure Managers

Securitised Credit - Sector in Brief

Investor Spotlight: Storebrand’s ESG Journey from ...

When Storebrand first established a sustainable investment team in the mid-1990s, ESG investing still represented largely uncharted territory, with little external data available.

Long/Short Equity: Sector in Brief

With Equity Long/Short Strategies receiving greater attention from bfinance clients amid current market conditions, this educational research note outlines key sub-strategies and historic performance.

Dislocation and Distress: Navigating New Opportuni...

New research on 130+ opportunistic investment strategies targeting distress and dislocation amid the pandemic.

Active Equity Management: A Question of Style?

Recent bfinance reports highlight the extent to which style factors have driven equity returns through the COVID-19 crisis, with value materially underperforming at one end and quality delivering a high degree of protection at the other. Here we take a closer look at fresh data on style and returns.

Are Multi Asset Strategies Delivering for Investor...

Institutions have increasingly turned to multi-asset strategies – now a diverse menu – for the promise of diversification and a more “all-weather” return profile.

How Are Asset Managers Performing? Q1 Review – Key...

On April 22nd, more than 300 investors around the globe joined the bfinance research team (virtually) for a session dissecting manager performance through the crisis so far.

Will “Fallen Angels” Reveal Fixed Income’s Saints ...

With large volumes of BBB credits either undergoing or set to undergo downgrades which knock them off the investment grade plinth, many investment grade bond managers are expecting “fallen angels” to be the main driver of performance through this downturn. Today, the spotlight is on their ability to monitor and manage those positions.

How are investors reacting to the 2020 crisis

In March 2020, bfinance conducted a two-day snap poll to assess investors’ initial reactions to the ongoing crisis and its impact on their portfolios.

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