Shariah-compliant Private Equity Secondaries

Middle Eastern Wealth Manager | Q3 2021

Engagement at a glance

Client Country/Type: Middle Eastern Wealth Manager
Year: Q3 2021
Asset Classes, Geography: Shariah-compliant Private Equity Secondaries, Global
Portfolio Size: USD 50 million
Structure: Pooled fund or separately managed account (subject to Shariah compliance)
Service Provided: Manager selection
Investment Objectives: Portfolio diversification and enhanced returns (minimum net IRR of >10%)

Shariah Compliant PE Manager Selection


Client-specific concerns

This Middle Eastern wealth manager sought bfinance’s assistance in building a portfolio of Shariah-compliant private equity secondaries. Although the client was intent on accessing globally focused managers with a tilt towards buyouts, it was also willing to include growth and venture capital investments as smaller allocations. Participating managers were required to provide solutions to address Shariah-derived prohibitions on allocating to specific industry sectors—such as investments associated with conventional finance, alcohol, gambling, adult entertainment, tobacco and the production of weaponry/armaments—while still proving themselves capable of delivering market returns across a well-diversified portfolio.



  • Laying the search groundwork: since the client was a first-time investor into private equity, the bfinance team worked closely with its internal management team to provide in-depth education about identifying appropriate options in line with its investment parameters and risk appetite.

  • Expanding the manager universe: bfinance worked closely with firms that wanted to participate in the request for proposals but had no direct experience of working with Shariah-compliant investors.

  • Bringing transparency to potential costs: the growing complexity and lack of transparency surrounding fees and incentives in secondary structures can make it challenging for investors to compare the costs of different offerings; with this in mind, bfinance provided in-depth analysis to support the scoring of different fund offerings.

  • Delivering meaningful quantitative analysis: using its proprietary quantitative methodology, bfinance provided a detailed comparative overview of managers’ track records in what is undeniably a newer part of the private equity market, where benchmarking is limited in depth and composition.


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